TheSawBlog lives on…

old saw pic

Sometimes I like to read posts from years back that I wrote on my old blog… (don’t bother searching for it…its in internet limbo rotting away somewhere I am told). Its nice to see where I’ve been and how I’ve changed in the past five years. Thankfully my friend Wiktor Kuc has taken many of those old posts and fancied them up and put them on his site at Wiktor’s taken some of the good stuff I wrote (what little there was!) and made it look not half bad. Some of my favorites from over the years…

Decoding Smith’s ‘Key’

How I File A Saw

How to Pick a Vintage Handsaw

The Big Tillotson

I Slope, You Slope, We all Slope Gullets

Dovetails ala Underhill

Filing a Lamb’s Tongue

There are a ton more there as well, along with some of the best investigative historical articles I’ve ever seen. Happy New Year. 🙂


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