The AxeWright?

Some years back I built a mammoth saw bench for my shop. I called it my Super Saw Bench because it was made of old white oak 6×8 timbers salvaged from an old house. I ripped the old timbers down and processed all the wood by hand to give birth to this…

Saw bench rip 001

I love reading old posts like this…it reminds me of where I’ve been and where I might be going…

But my shop is now a quarter of the size it used to be and my super saw bench took up residency out in the yard where I do most of my green woodworking nowadays. I used it for a couple years as a workbench, chopping block and so on but it is not ideal for that function. So I finally scrounged up a proper truck section of a big oak tree for a chopping block. But it was too low for axe work…so I improvised some legs…

dec.5.2014 012 (2)

The funny thing is that I don’t do as much ripping with a handsaw as I used to. If I need to reduce a board in width, I’m more apt to split it or hew it down with an axe. In fact, I’m wondering if I could do without rip saws in general?

Ever since I started using axes a couple years ago, I find myself reaching less and less often for a saw. I wonder were I will be in a few years….who knows?



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