Brilliant or Bull-shxx?

When I first jointed this saw and looked at the previous filer’s geometry, I didn’t know if I should be impressed or horrified…

crazy tooth 006 (3)

All of the bevels on these teeth are parallel and facing the same direction…which strains the credulity of the filer at best.

But what if, instead of not knowing what he was doing, this guy was in fact on to some crazy advanced (for the early 20th century) tooth form that created a flat topped but skewed point on each tooth?

Ya….I quickly came to my senses as well. Clearly, this guy was filing at an angle to the saw blade on every tooth, one after the next, instead of filing straight across.

But it does make me wonder sometimes when I come across weird geometries like these…how many wonderful techniques have we lost that will never be known again? And if we did re-discover them, would they only appear ridiculous to our 21st century sensibilities?



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